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Shape The Future with Zeitgeist

Shape the Future Event Update

The Shape the Future with Zeitgeist event will open registration on October 29 @ 14:00 UTC, you can register at

About Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is an evolving blockchain for prediction markets and futarchy (a type of governance that uses prediction markets to arrive at a consensus).

The core functionality of the Zeitgeist networks focuses on a decentralized protocol for creating, trading, and resolving prediction markets.

Prediction markets are financial markets that trade on the outcomes of a future event. Extensive research has shown that prediction markets are the best method we have for yielding accurate forecasts on future events.

Zeitgeist is a blockchain network that can evolve over time under the control of its decentralized governance system. Part of this governance system will use prediction markets to help inform and enforce the decisions, a type of governance known as β€œfutarchy”. Zeitgeist will include futarchy on the base layer, and so will be the first layer-1 blockchain that is governed natively by futarchy.

Zeitgeist will deploy as a parachain to the Kusama network and will operate with its own set of decentralized block producers, known as collators. The launch timeline for Zeitgeist is expected to take place by the end of 2021.

Key Points

  • Zeitgeist Network

    • The Zeitgeist network is a parachain that will deploy to the Kusama Relay Chain.
    • Zeitgeist has had two separate testnets, with the current testnet Battery Station fully operational with 1,000+ nodes operated by the community, and more than 2000 daily users on the Beta version of the app.
    • All core launch functionality has been developed and released in our v0.2.0 release on GitHub.
  • Zeitgeist Application

    • The Zeitgeist Beta application is currently operating in semi-closed Beta testing, and authorized through use of an NFT.
    • More than 200 markets have been created on Beta and more than 2000 users are visiting the site daily.
    • The application is a cornerstone of the Zeitgeist product, but is an example of just one of many possible prediction market sites that can run on top of Zeitgeist.
  • Ecosystem

    • Zeitgeist is a permissionless platform offering prediction market primitives for any builder or developer to build on top of.
    • Zeitgeist has met with a number of engaged builders that have expressed interest in integrating or creating a product on top of Zeitgeist.
    • The Zeitgeist Foundation will begin a grant program next year aimed to foster and sustain the development of new products on Zeitgeist.
    • Zeitgeist has partnered with RMRK and continues to collaborate together on new ideas related to both prediction markets and NFTs.
  • Growth
    • Across all social channels, there are more than 31,400 people that follow Zeitgeist. Official social channels have 18,400 followers on Twitter, 4,800 members in Discord, 1400 members on LinkedIn, and more than 5,800 participants in Telegram.
    • Zeitgeist's China Ecosystem team has also grown to a community of more than 1,000 people in total.
    • Unofficial social channels have emerged for communities in diverse geographic regions such as Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and more.

ZTG Token

  • ZTG is the native token of Zeitgeist.
  • The genesis supply of ZTG is 100,000,000.
  • ZTG is used to pay transactions fees; to propose and vote on governance decisions; in the court system to be staked and decide disputes; as a bond for creating new prediction markets; as the base currency in prediction markets; as well as other aspects of the protocol.

Shape the Future Event

The Shape the Future with Zeitgeist event is a pre-launch allocation event that will distribute ZTG tokens to community members before the parachain lease offering. All ZTG tokens will be distributed to the participating community members at the deployment of the Zeitgeist network.

Distribution Details

  • Token Symbol: ZTG
  • Registration Date: October 29, 2021 @ 14:00 UTC
  • Event Start Date: November 9, 2021 @ TBD
  • Fully Diluted ZTG Genesis Supply: 100,000,000
  • Initial Circulating Supply: ~8,500,000 (see the ZTG Release Schedule chart below)
  • ZTG Price: $1.25
  • Payment Currency Accepted: USDT (on Ethereum), USDC (on Ethereum), DAI (on Ethereum), DOT
  • Minimum Individual Purchase: $500
  • Individual Purchase Cap: $3,000
  • Lockup: 30 days
  • Eligibility: Non-U.S. participants only. Certain other jurisdictions are excluded.

ZTG Token Economics

ZTG Distribution

Seed Investors7,000,0007%Subject to 12 months vesting with 20% available at genesis and 80% on a continuous vesting schedule.
Strategic Investors6,000,0006%Subject to 9 months vesting with 20% available at genesis and 80% on a continuous vesting schedule.
Shape the Future Event8,000,0008%Subject to a 30 day lock up.
Marketing Incentives2,000,0002%Rewards that are granted to the community through marketing efforts such as the Kusama Derby, the Zeitgeist Beta Campaign, and future events.
PLO40,000,00040%These funds are reserved for use as rewards during Zeitgeist's parachain lease offering on Kusama. 30% will be available at genesis with the remaining 70% on a continuous vesting schedule over the lease period.
Team15,000,00015%Subject to 24 months vesting, with a 6 month cliff, and a continuous vesting schedule for the remaining 18 months.
Zeitgeist Foundation22,000,00022%These tokens are reserved by Zeitgeist Foundation LTD, a Singaporean non-profit entity, and will be used for future grants, development, and other long-term ways to sustain the Zeitgeist network.

ZTG Release Schedule

The image below shows the release schedule of ZTG over the course of the first year.

FAQ and Support

If you have a question, please browse the FAQ list on our support page first. If you were still unable to find the answer to your query, please open a support ticket using the same support website. Our team is monitoring all new tickets and will respond as promptly as possible.

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